Elder Redd's favorite scripture

Elder Redd's favorite missionary scripture

Alma 26:11-12
But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength,
nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with
joy, and I will rejoice in my God.
Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak;
therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his
strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought
in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.

Monday, 17 March 2014

I love this Gospel so much!

Feb 24

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 91 

Buenos dias! Hoy estoy altamente agradecido por muchismas cosas! Pasamos una semana maravillosa con muchos milagros! Estabamos muy occupados por toda la semana, pero al fin la disfrutamos a un grado que no puedo decir! 

It was a super awesome week this week! We were so blessed in our missionary service! The Lord always blesses us, whether with incredible opportunities to work or chances to learn and grow. There's never a shortage of blessings! This week was great I don't really know where to start but first and foremost I want you all to know how much I love serving the Lord! I also love serving other people, When we serve our fellow men we truly do serve our God! along that line: on Wednesday we had Specialized zone training and Interviews, The Assistants came and trained us along with Presidnet conducting interviews. Our zone is the biggest in the Mission so it made for a long day! The Assistants crashed with us the night before because we have four beds and a couch. Elder Holmstead and Elder Koyle are both fantastic missionaries that we love a lot. And they work so hard, I can't even imagine being in their position! So Elder McGee and I decided to get up early and make them breakfast. And it was delicious, atleast I loved it, eventhough I was exhausted because we'd been up late the night before preparing our training and then sacrificed an hour of sleep in the morning I felt so good all day. Serving people is the best thing ever! 

Ok now for a miracle! So on Friday we went to contact an investigator who we hadn't seen in awhile. We knocked on his door and just waited a little while. It didn't look too promising but we knocked again! And his Neighbour opened the door, perfect! so we started talking to him and he invited us in. Turns out that his whole family are members but he was never baptized, he's related to half of our ward and he's on date now! MIRACLE!  Sunday night we come out of an appointment and see someone walking slowly down the street. OYM, Young Christian guy going through a rough time really needs to find God again in his life and invited us back! Ok this one is possibly my favourite. We contacted a former named Gabe on Tuesday, he's an incredible young man as soon as we walked into his house we could feel something different, in a good way. He invited us in just like that. He told us he wasn't too interested in coming to church or reading the book of Mormon because he'd tried for 9 months to no avail. But you could tell that he wanted us there. We talked with him for awhile and then had to leave but we set a return appt. for Yesterday. He knows that the church is good, but he just got very discouraged because he didn't feel he got an answer. At the end, all of us were kind of stumped on what invitation to extend. He didn't really want to read, nor come to church. Then we felt prompted to leave him with assignment to write down how in his life he has felt the spirit. Times, methods, feelings, impressions. He stopped and stared at the paper for a good minute. then said, "Yeah I can do that." He's such an incredible man, I can't wait to go back and visit him again! 

I love this Gospel so much! I know that the Book of Mormon is true it contains the fulness of Gods plan for us. It is the only book in the world with a promise from our Father in Heaven that we can know it's true. I know that the promise is valid. Every time I pray sincerely about the book of Mormon my testimony is strengthened in the love that God has for each of us and that this book is his word. 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Rojo

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