Elder Redd's favorite scripture

Elder Redd's favorite missionary scripture

Alma 26:11-12
But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength,
nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with
joy, and I will rejoice in my God.
Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak;
therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his
strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought
in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.

Monday, 17 March 2014

March 17

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 94 

Buenos dias familia! Ojala que se encuentran bien y felices con lo que el Senor les ha dado este dia! Estoy muy contento aunque vamos a ser muy occupados! Esta manana vimos un milagro! Elder McGee ha tenido un dolor en su rodillo por un tiempo. Entonces fuimos para ver un Pediatrician para examinarlo. Fue interesante porque el doctor a quien visitamos es un miembro quien nos dio una referencia por uno de sus empleados. Tratamos de contactarlo, pero nos falto el suerte! Hasta hoy cuando lo vimos en la officina y firmamos una cita por el Miercoles! 

Well last week was phenomenal! just all kinds of awesome stuff happening! So first off just a quick question is my blog being updated? (Editor's note: this is what prompted us to update all his letters from October to now) I need to hold you accountable and make sure it does happen! Secondly I can't remember what is secondly so we'll just move on. 

Probably one of the best parts of the week was Fernando, who I mentioned last week. He's progressing really well and he is such a prepared soul for this Gospel! We taught him thrice, Monday, Thursday and then Saturday! On Saturday his roommate Jacob was there and he bore such a powerful testimony to Fernando of the Gospel and how he knows it's true. It doesn't get much better than that! Jacob has really changed since the first time we met him. Coming to church, reading the book of Mormon, and praying have really changed him! 

Alright now for the pan story. So we had Zone meeting on Thursday, and Elder McGee and I decide we wanted to make this the best zone meeting ever! So obviously the best way to do that is to make all the missionaries breakfast! We bought everything we needed, borrowed a few things from the members of our ward and were very excited for our Comp aprons we made. We got up early Thursday morning and headed to the stake center to get going on breakfast. We'd borrowed a pancake grill, but somehow we didn't think to bring a frying pan... Yeah I know, but we had a lot on our minds! Fortunately we found a ... ... I don't know what to call it, it was like a pancake grill but had taller walls so we used that for the eggs. All we had to do was find something for the sausages that's where the big mistake came in! we found two pans that looked like they would be great for frying. Yes we know they were flat baking sheets but we're men and didn't realize that at first! So we were just happily cooking along making everyone breakfast. It was delicious and everyone loved it or at least they said they did! but the sausages were just cooking so slowly! Once we'd finished it all we went to put all the dishes in the sink to soak while we held our meeting and we'd clean up after. Imagine our surprise when we lift up the pan and see the bottom melted off and sticking to the burner. That made things interesting we immediately turned the heat off and tried to scrape the metal off. It was a lot of fun when flames started coming out a bit. We remained calm and I stood ready to break the glass on the fire extinguisher and book it into the kitchen should it be necessary while Elder McGee slowly got it all off. Now we have a Souvenir to remind us of the momentous day! 

Alright now for a quick miracle story! We had an appointment on Friday, and we were walking on our way there when we saw some students throwing a football around. We OYM'ed them but got slightly separated talking to people in the same parking lot. I ended up talking to two guys named Justin and Duncan. At first they were fairly reserved, not talking too much feeling awkward while some of their friends who'd ran in laughed at them for talking to the Mormons. I kept talking though I'm good at that! Then Justin who'd sat down on the curb asked me, "I know that God's forgiving, but to what point does he forgive us?" It was an awesome question, and as we talked about repentance and the Atonement i felt the spirit so strongly testify to him that it was true. He'd someone that I know needed to hear what we said at that time. 

I know that God loves his children he knows us each indivually and cares for our concerns and challenges. 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Rojo

Miracles yes, Skiing-not interested

March 10

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 93

Buenos Dias! Hoy me siento muy bien y animado, tambien hay un poco de tristeza pero es la voluntad del Senor entonces estoy bien. El elder Hale se va a cambiar, pero Elder McGee y yo nos quedamos! Tenia un poco de miedo por las transferencias, pero no mas! Estoy muy emocionado para servir aqui en el barrio de los solteros, por lo menos, una transferencia mas! 

It was great to hear from all of you, as always I love to hear from people! Except Dad please the ski talk is not helping! I love you and I know you love skiing, but could we talk about it later? 

Ok I don't know what to say other than just to tell you miracle stories. 

1. Working with Less Actives is the best! On Friday we went to visit a guy named Jacob. We taught him and his roommate Fernando that night It was a really powerful lesson because Jacob would bear his testimony to his roommate of the things we were teaching. It was just powerful. We went and made them both breakfast yesterday to get them up and to church. Unfortunately Fernando had to work, so he only got breakfast. but after church we talked to Jacob to confirm our appointment for tonight. we talked about how we'd see them at six then he asked about FHE at seven. "Could I invite him to that?" "YES absolutely you could!" "Ok so you guys come at six teach us a lesson and then I'll bring him to FHE right after." Fernando has a built in fellowshiper and friend in the ward! 

2. Following the spirit is the way to go! On Saturday we went to contact a referral. But the address didn't exist. =( We prayed and then decided to knock a few doors in the area just to try and see if we could find him. As we walked the first people we talked to walking out of a house, we asked them, "Hey do you know Richard?" That would be me." One of them replies so we taught him and his father right there. 

I know that this is God's church. I know that He guides our lives through the Spirit! listening to what it tells us will bless our lives more than we can possibly imagine! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Rojo

I love this Gospel so much!

Feb 24

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 91 

Buenos dias! Hoy estoy altamente agradecido por muchismas cosas! Pasamos una semana maravillosa con muchos milagros! Estabamos muy occupados por toda la semana, pero al fin la disfrutamos a un grado que no puedo decir! 

It was a super awesome week this week! We were so blessed in our missionary service! The Lord always blesses us, whether with incredible opportunities to work or chances to learn and grow. There's never a shortage of blessings! This week was great I don't really know where to start but first and foremost I want you all to know how much I love serving the Lord! I also love serving other people, When we serve our fellow men we truly do serve our God! along that line: on Wednesday we had Specialized zone training and Interviews, The Assistants came and trained us along with Presidnet conducting interviews. Our zone is the biggest in the Mission so it made for a long day! The Assistants crashed with us the night before because we have four beds and a couch. Elder Holmstead and Elder Koyle are both fantastic missionaries that we love a lot. And they work so hard, I can't even imagine being in their position! So Elder McGee and I decided to get up early and make them breakfast. And it was delicious, atleast I loved it, eventhough I was exhausted because we'd been up late the night before preparing our training and then sacrificed an hour of sleep in the morning I felt so good all day. Serving people is the best thing ever! 

Ok now for a miracle! So on Friday we went to contact an investigator who we hadn't seen in awhile. We knocked on his door and just waited a little while. It didn't look too promising but we knocked again! And his Neighbour opened the door, perfect! so we started talking to him and he invited us in. Turns out that his whole family are members but he was never baptized, he's related to half of our ward and he's on date now! MIRACLE!  Sunday night we come out of an appointment and see someone walking slowly down the street. OYM, Young Christian guy going through a rough time really needs to find God again in his life and invited us back! Ok this one is possibly my favourite. We contacted a former named Gabe on Tuesday, he's an incredible young man as soon as we walked into his house we could feel something different, in a good way. He invited us in just like that. He told us he wasn't too interested in coming to church or reading the book of Mormon because he'd tried for 9 months to no avail. But you could tell that he wanted us there. We talked with him for awhile and then had to leave but we set a return appt. for Yesterday. He knows that the church is good, but he just got very discouraged because he didn't feel he got an answer. At the end, all of us were kind of stumped on what invitation to extend. He didn't really want to read, nor come to church. Then we felt prompted to leave him with assignment to write down how in his life he has felt the spirit. Times, methods, feelings, impressions. He stopped and stared at the paper for a good minute. then said, "Yeah I can do that." He's such an incredible man, I can't wait to go back and visit him again! 

I love this Gospel so much! I know that the Book of Mormon is true it contains the fulness of Gods plan for us. It is the only book in the world with a promise from our Father in Heaven that we can know it's true. I know that the promise is valid. Every time I pray sincerely about the book of Mormon my testimony is strengthened in the love that God has for each of us and that this book is his word. 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Rojo

Teaching a Canadian

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 90 

Buenos dia de familia alla en Canada! Ojala que ya saben que ayer fue el dia de los presidentes aqui en los estados unidos entonces estaban cerradas las bibliotecas. Por esto les escribo hoy. 

Man what a week! It was crazy and hectic as normal but it was just awesome! I love serving here in the Grand Junction 12th ward! It's really interesting because we do technically cover 4 stakes given we don't want to take 8 hours out of our day to drive up to Steamboat Springs and back, but if we really wanted to we could easily go back to some of my old areas! Which ofcourse we won't do, you know how I feel about time wasting! 

So last week we were so blessed with some incredible miracles! It was a little bit of a tougher week, Elder Hale got sick, and passed it to Elder McGee and I, but we just powered through it and went to work anyways. On Friday we were all super exhausted. After weekly planning we decided to walk to a nearby appointment. On the way over we OYMed a girl named Tia. She was from Kamloops which was cool to meet someone from Canada, and in here own words, "Very Catholic". She was friendly enough to talk with us, but at first really wasn't too interested in the Gospel, then she aksed a few questions which led into an awesome lesson on the street about the Restoration! Possibly the coolest moment was when she asked, 

T: Why don't you believe in the Resurrection? 

EM: We actually do believe in the resurrection.

T: Oh I thought you didn't. So why don't you wear crosses then? 

ER: Well we actually prefer to focus on the resurrection rather than the death of Jesus Christ, and the Cross is the symbol of his death. 

T: Wow that's a really good point. Now that I do think about why do we wear crosses? WHy do we celebrate his death, that's really not the part that matters.

It was so awesome, as we'd talked about the restoration she felt the spirit I know she did she started asking even better questions like: "What if Jesus Christ created your church to get rid of all the fake religions that are in the world today?" "Well the way you can know if he did or not is through the book of Mormon." It was such an incredible experience she accepted a soft baptismal invite right there on the street and promised to read the Book of Mormon. 

Everything's just great I love being a missionary so much. Just so you all know, I've been doing really well health wise. Those of you who sent me some ridiculously large pants for Christmas (Cough Fixsens Cough) (I love them though they're super comfy) I I actually needed to aqcuire a new belt because the other one I had was too big. We do P90X about 3 days a week. It's awesome! 

I know that this church is true the mission field is the place that the Lord wants all of his children to spend atleast some time. I would never trade the experiences I've had and the lessons I've learned on my mission for anything. Most importantly though is how much closer I've come to our Saviour Jesus Christ. I know that he lives! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Rojo 

Grand Junction YSA

Feb 3

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 88

Buenos frios familia! Yo se que no tiene sentido pero queria decirlo porque suena chido. Hoy es un dia de lloranza aqui en Colorado porque si no saben se perdieron los Broncos... Jajaja a mi no me importa tanto pero esta bien asi es la vida. Fue bien chido el esta semana porque recibimos mucha nieve! me senti bien a gusto! 

So there is lots of news to tell you all this week, but really not that much now that I think of it. So first off as I mentioned last week I was transferred. I'm now serving in Grand Junction Colorado! specifically the Grand junction 12th ward. It's also a YSA ward. So that's a little strange. But I love it so much! It's definitely a different experience College students and Hispanics have some major differences but shockingly also some striking similarities! So it's a very new experience, and I love it! My companions are Elder McGee. He's from Sacramento California and he's half Korean. i know super funny a Korean with the last name McGee. And Elder Hale. He's from Oregon city Oregon. So this is my fifth trio. Evidently I haven't learned whatever it is Heavenly Father wants me to learn from them. I don't think I'll learn it either, I quite like trios they're a lot of fun! Oh and we're whitewashing.

It's a very interesting combination. Elder Hale is the Grand Junction guru. He's served all over the city so he knows it all pretty well. Elder McGee is the Yogi of the Young Single Adult wards, so he knows what to do with all the college students. And then there's me... ... ... So yeah I guess I'm the crazy one. And I say that being 100% serious. 

Another Transfer

January 27

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 87

Aye Cabere. Pensaba que estaba libre ya. Pero, me equivoque... No se porque pero me voy a cambiar manana! Estoy muy triste para salir del Denver Primero me encanta el barrio! perdon tambien porque me olvide la camara entonces todos las fotos que he sacado esta semana voy a mandar otro dia. 

Aye Cabere. I thought I was free now. But I'm wrong ... I do not know why but I'm going to change tomorrow! I am sad to leave Denver First I love the neighborhood! also sorry because I forgot the camera so all the pictures I've taken this week I will send another day. 

Alright so as mentioned above I'm being transfered tomorrow morning... again... And I'm very sad to leave the Denver 1st Ward. I only had one transfer here and there were so many awesome people that I wanted to teach and see them converted. However the Lord has different plans which I suppose I will find out later. Of course that's how it always is, but sometimes I wish he would just tell me now! But I know that I fulfilled my purpose here, Cesar was Baptized, Jesus started coming back to church, and our Area is really booming. Maybe i shouldn't have worked so hard so I could have spent another transfer here accomplishing those goals. Chiste! Never would I stop working hard, the Lord's time is far too important! 

But I'm very grateful that I was able to serve here. We saw many miracles. Yesterday when I was saying my goodbyes I was very touched my many of the Members. Jesus, who'd just started coming back to church took us out for ice cream Saturday and then he brought me a tie and a belt to church! (The belt's something that I really need mine are pretty trashed) I had the opportunity to bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting. Afterwards one of the members who gave a talk said, (I'll translate this for you right now, he's a guerro anyways) "Elder Redd, the tears you're shedding now are nothing compared to the tears that you will shed when you leave the mission."  He later talked to me and told me that they'll all miss me. Ok first off good to know that I'll be missed. But secondly thanks brother Young! I really needed a reminder of the day that shall not be named! The day was just filled with tender mercies of the Lord and Love. I know that God lives, he is our father and loves each and every one of us perfectly. I know that this is his church restored on the earth! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Rojo

January 20

Worth it!

January 13

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 85

Buneos Dias! Escuche que hay mucho nieve alla en Canada! Tristemente casi no hay nada aqui, He escuchado que Colorado es un lugar en donde hace mucho frio, pero no aqui en Denver! En las montanas como Meeker o Rifle si, pero me gusta chistear que el tiempo de frio aqui es como verano en Canada! 

Buneos Days! Hear that much snow there in Canada! Sadly there is almost nothing here, I've heard that Colorado is a place where it is very cold, but not here in Denver! In the mountains as if Meeker or Rifle, but I like chistear that the cold weather is like summer here in Canada!

Well we had a great week last week! We saw some incredible miracles along with some trials. But if we don't have trials in missionary work we'd never grow and those awesome amazing miracles wouldn't vale la pena. Sorry I couldn't think how to say “be worth it” in English for a little bit. Anyways. We saw a lot of amazing things happen.

Miracle number 1: Our investigator Ashley, the fourteen year old little Sister of one of our less actives Eric. She's been going crazy back and forth on everything: reading the scriptures, praying, getting baptized. But this week she told us that she wants to get baptized because she knows it's true and wants to make a covenant with God!

Miracle number 2: We finally found our investigators Roxanne and Javier at home! It was a super crazy experience. They'd been having some family problems, and we went and started teaching them the plan of salvation and they both just softened so much! 

Well Sorry that it's a short one today, but I've got lots of other things to do today!

I love you all so much and I know this church is true!

con mucho amor,

Elder Rojo

Back to Work!!

January 6

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 84

Buenos Dias a todos! Feliz ano nuevo! Espero que todos se encuentren bien y estan feliz para regresar a la escuela y el trabajo! Yo estoy muy feliz que ya llego el fin de todas la vacaciones! Porque impide un poco a la obra misional, es algo que me encanta! Aqui hoy hace un poco de frio, no tanto como alla en Canada, pero si hay frescura. 

Good Morning to all! Happy new year! Hope you all are well and are happy to return to school and work! I am very happy because I am finished all the holidays! Because it prevents some missionary work, is something I love! Here today it's a little cold, not as much as there in Canada, but there is freshness.

So finally all of the holidays are over! New Years was the last distraction that kept people too busy to talk to missionaries. Except PSYCHE!!!!! I'm a Spanish missionary so we still have to deal with el dia de los tres reyes magos! Ughghghg but it's ok because I love Spanish culture and their holidays! But I love being a missionary so much! We had an awesome week last week! We saw so many miracles in our area especially in finding! Oh right I totally forgot Mom and Dad did you ever meet a Sister Zaugg in Thailand? Because one of the Sisters in my District knows her in Thailand.

So real quick a few miracle stories. One is our investigator Cesar. He's 13, and the son of a recent convert. We taught him on Monday and it was incredible when we asked him why he wanted to be baptized and he testified to us about the atonement and repentance. Then after a while he told us he knew he needed to be baptized, but he wasn't sure that we were the true church and he wanted to know. We testified to him of the power of prayer and how we knew that this was the true church. We then invited him to say the closing prayer. After we asked him how he felt and and he said that he felt so good and during the prayer he'd felt almost like there was a hand on his shoulder. He's on Date for the 19th now and we're so excited!

(could you pray for him please? we really want him to meet his date.)

But I've been on for a little while and I need to give the computer up but I love you all so much! I love being a missionary so much! I know that this is the true church and that the Gospel is the only way to truly be happy in this life!

(Also mom and dad did you know an Elder Creer? I think I remember you mentioning it. because He's a friend of one of the Elders in my zone.)

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rojo

Back to Denver

December 30

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 83

Buenos dias! Y feliz ano nuevo a todos! Quiero decirles que pase una navidad maravillosa! Me gusto mucho para celebrar con la familia Cardenas y tambien hablarles madre y padre. Pero ahora estoy muy feliz para regresar y hacer la obra misional otra vez!

Good morning! And happy new year to all! I want to say I had a wonderful Christmas! I really liked to celebrate with the Cardenas family and talk to mother and father. But now I am very happy to come back and do missionary work again!

So last week was an awesome week! Christmas was great, in the morning we went caroling at a seniors center and it was awesome to see the spirit come into their lives as we sang. But being Christmas we couldn't just go out and work regularly, so that's why I'm excited for this week.

We saw so many amazing miracles last week I'll recount a few of them:

1. Our investigator Cesar is on date and he came to church for the first time. He's the son of a recent convert, and he wants to be baptized on the 19th of January. He is awesome and just such a miracle. 

2. La familia Cruz is super Golden, we taught them on Saturday, and then invited them to church. Only the wife was able to make it to church, but they all have felt the spirit super strongly and want to be baptized when they knwo it's true! Yesterday we taught them again, and when she said the prayer and asked Heavenly Father to please guide them in the path that he wants them to take. When she did the spirit just came into that room so strongly! 

3. We went to go visit Jesus Rodriguez, the convert who I'd taught when I served here before. He hadn't been to church for a long time, which I was super sad about. As we were teaching another man who lived close by I just felt that we needed to go see him. I was nervous because other missionaries had tried to teach him and he hadn't let them in. but if there's one thing that I've learned it's not to ignore the spirit! So we went to visit him. As we talked he told us that he knows he needs to go back to church he told us about so many experiences that he's had in the last months where he's felt that he needs to return to church and that he knows god is calling him. At the end he promised that he would come to church next Sunday! 

I know that God is a God of miracles. This is his work and his church! I know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. I love being a missionary so much it's the best time of my whole life! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Rojo 

Friends going home

December 23

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 81 

Buenos dias a los familiares del Elder Rojo! Aqui estoy en Rifle hoy. Venimos aqui para despedirnos al Elder Jordan. Y que loco tambien a la Hermana Bennet! Ella se fue a Denver con el grupo de algunos missioneros todos quienes mueren manana. Es tan loco que mi jemela de la mision ya se va! 

Good morning to the family of Elder Redd! Here I am today in Rifle. We come here to say goodbye to Elder Jordan. And also crazy to Bennet Sister! She went to Denver with the group of some Missionaries who all die tomorrow. It's so crazy that my jemela the mission and go!

Well it's great to talk to you again family! Well I bring a bit of sad news today, I'm being transferred tomorrow... It's unfortunate, but it's the Lord's will and not mine! But the good news is that I'm pretty darn sure I'm going back to an area that I've served in before! I'll leave you in suspense until next week! 

I also don't have my camera today unfortunately so I'll send pictures some other time. But as to the regard of seeing me, on Christmas for skype what do you want to do? I'll be going to another area so I don't know where I'll be on Christmas or approximately what time, but I'll figure that out and get back to you next week. 

Ok so I need to include a few quick miracle stories. This week we were so blessed. On tuesday we went to work in Craig. We worked our tails off all day but the Lord blessed us with so many people to teach and talk to. We had an amazing lesson with our investigator Carla. We'd taught her very briefly once before in the transfer and hadn't been able to make contact with her for awhile. We went to her house and she let us in to teach! It was a super powerful lesson. She has been so prepared for this Gospel! When we were talking about Prophets just to start off We asked her what a prophet meant to her and she said, "Well I'm not completely sure, but I think that a prophet is a special teacher that God sends to guide his people." After picking our jaws up off the floor We said "Wow that's perfect! And why do you think that Prophets are important?" "Well I think that we all need guidance to get back to God, It's just so hard because there isn't a prophet on the earth today!" "Well the beautiful part of our message is that because God loves us he has called another prophet to lead and guide us. He hasn't left us here, he didn't abandon us. But once again he has sent a man to show us the way back to him." As we taught about Joseph Smith the spirit so strongly testified to all of us that it's true. That is one of my favourite parts of being a missionary, how often our own testimonies are confirmed! 

So long before the transfer call came I had a feeling that I would be released and go to a new area. I wanted to open Craig Spanish as it's own area so bad! But they're opening it with Spanish Sisters... So that makes twice now that I've wanted to open a Spanish area and twice that they've opened it with Sisters... I have five back home and they keep taking my area jajajaj Heavenly Father must be trying to teach me something. 

Well I love you all, I know that this is the Lord's work I know that Joseph Smith was the prophet of God and that through him the Priesthood Power was restored to the earth to bless our families! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Rojo

Minus 29°F

December 9

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 80

Buenos dias! Ahora pasamos por mucho frio aqui. Pues no es tanto, mas o menos esta como en Canada. Pero, no podemos manejar por las reglas de la mision, entonces Elder Condie y yo pasamos mucho tiempo caminando! Hacia frio pero nos encanto servir a la gente y quitamos mucho nieve. 

Good morning! Now we go through very cold here. For it is not so, it is more or less like Canada. But we can not manage by the rules of the mission, Elder Condie and then spent some time walking! Charming but cold towards people we serve and remove much snow.
It was a crazy week! We were very busy, but I'd way rather be busy than have nothing to do! As I mentioned earlier, It got pretty cold this week. Wednesday night it dropped to -29! Wednesday morning there was about a foot of snow on the ground. For our morning exercise we went out and shoveled snow for some members, then for their neighbours. Then for random houses that weren't shoveled. It was a lot of fun and some pretty good exercise seeing as how we did it for several hours. Then we parked the car, (Mission rule, we're not allowed to drive if there's snow on the roads) and we walked all over Meeker! We got to serve a lot, and no one got away from us! We OYM'd every person we saw! Some tried, but the advantages of being young is that we can run, slip, fall, and get back up to keep running almost without missing a beat. 

On Saturday we had the ward Christmas party, and man! They went all out in the Meeker Ward. It was Polar Express themed, and the church was converted into a train. Our Bishop was dressed up as a Conductor, and he stamped everyone's tickets. Despite Elder Condie and I not having tickets we were able to get in and enjoy some great food, and of course doing missionary work at ward activities! 

Well not too much happened this last week, we went out and worked our tails off! I know that the Lord blesses the faithful. I know that Jospeh Smith was the Prophet of God to restore the Church of Jesus Christ once more to the Earth! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Rojo


December 2

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 79

Buenas tardes! Perdonanme por favor por estar aqui tan tarde! Es que hoy tuvimos una actividad con toda la zona por el dia de preparacion. Ibamos a haver el email antes pero, por tener tantos missioneros en Craig todos las computadoras en la biblioteca ya estaban occupadas! por esto mando tan tarde.

Good afternoon! Please pardon me for being here so late! Is that today we had an activity throughout the area for the day of preparation. We were going to send email before but have so many Missionaries in Craig all the computers in the library and were occupied! by this command so late.

Well last week was pretty interesting. On Monday we were up in Craig because we needed to go to the Craig district's district meeting, And then we did exchanges with the Elders of the Craig 1st Ward. They're both very young missionaries, so it was great to go with them. I was with Elder Hamblin on bikes! that was fun to get some exercise, except that I ripped my pants!!!!! But it's ok it's on the seam so I'll be able to fix it! but despite biking around in the cold with ripped pants that night we had a great day! Then the next morning we had the Sisters Conference. Fortunately that was in Meeker. I still don't understand why President Murdock sends Zone Leaders to a meeting with that many Sisters but I trust that he is inspired! Luckily this time instead of just Elder Stephens and I, Elder Barfield and Elder Gibson joined Elder Condie and I. It was great meeting, we all trained. The funniest part was when the Sister Training Leaders trained on locking your heart. It was very entertaining, we're lucky to have to great STL's in our stake that do a great job with all of the Sisters. Oh yeah if any of you didn't know they now have Sister Leaders called Sister Training Leaders. Sorry to burst your bubble Machistas! The four elders ducked out for the last training and made them all lunch. It was pretty simple because we didn't want to burn it or anything, so we made Pancakes, Eggs, and Hashbrowns. There are pictures of the four of us in the kitchen but I don't have them I will send them to you once I get them though. The bad news is that I spilled strawberries on my other suit pants. So I currently have no suit pants... and there's no drycleaners here in Meeker.

Thursday was thankgiving ofcourse and that's when things went bad, I caught some nasty virus which had me out of commission for the rest of the week blaaaaaqhhh!!! But now I'm better and super excited to get back to missionary work WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!

Anyways I love you all and I know this church is true!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Rojo

Yes, we like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

November 25

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 78

Hay que pasa?! Parece que casi todos me han olvidado! Pero esta bien, espero que todos disfrutan su tiempo de los dias festivos! Pues no son los dias festivos en Canada. Pues aqui por esta semana vamos a ver el dia de gracias entonces muchas personas se van a diferente lugares o estan muy occupados con sus familiares que vienen de visitantes.

There it goes! It seems that almost everyone has forgotten me! But okay, I hope you all enjoy your time of holidays! Well, are not the holidays in Canada. Well here for this week will see the Thanksgiving then many people go to different places or are very busy with relatives coming for visits.

Speaking of busy weeks, We had a super busy week last week! But it was amazing, the Lord blessed us so much for our diligence, obedience and hard work. On Monday as I mentioned last week we weren't too bad. That night was probably the best Monday night of my whole mission! After we ate dinner we went out to work! We taught 3 lessons and found 4 new investigators. Crazy I know! Then we went back to our appointment to meet up with Elder Koyle who was coming on an exchange with us. Tuesday we went out and worked our tails off! We talked to EVERYONE and saw several miracles! It was a super great day, we went to see our investigator Cesar, we got there and he was just cleaning up his house, so we helped him. He asked if he could play some music so we explained our rules to him about music and how we can't listen to most music, but we could listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. So he found it on Pandora and started blasting MOTAB in his house while we cleaned. The best part was that he actually liked it. (Cesar is 22 years old) Then we sat down to teach him, the spirit was already there because of the music, and as we taught him the Restoration it got intense! The spirit was so powerful that you could feel it in that room! When we invited him to be baptized he just nodded because there was no way that you could deny that. We invited him to prepare for the 14th of December and he said, "If God puts it into my heart I'll do it." Man that was an amazing experience!

Wednesday we had our zone meeting, so we woke up early to drive to Craig, be on our conference call, and then train on the thigns we'd learned in MLC's the previous week. It was powerful meeting. Afterwards one of the members of our Stake Presidency brought us lunch. I thought about the scriptures where Christ tells his disciples to not take extra money or clothes with them. He does provide a way for his Servants! after the meeting we did another exchange with The Steamboat Springs Elders. We didn't get back to Meeker until round 3 PM but then we got straght to work! We worked our tails off once again! Thursday when we exchanged back it was snowing pretty hard so we had an interesting drive up to Craig. Elder Condie and I didn't get back until 4 PM but we went and did everything we could with the time that we had! Then the weekend came and we worked as hard as we could for the entire time. We got to see so many miracles in the work of the Lord. Makes sense seeing as how he is a God of Miracles!

I know that to be true, This is the true church of Jesus Christ! This is his work and nothing can stop it from progressing!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rojo

Miracles in Craig

November 18

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 77

Buenos dias a todos! Que raro, que les cuneto una historia bien interesante. Y nadie me manda un email de regreso. Esta bien puedo vewr que me han olvidado aqui en Colorado. Es bueno este porque nunca voy a salir de Aqui voy a server en la mission por todo mi vida!

Good morning to all! Funny, that cuneto them a very interesting story. And no one sent me an email back. Okay I can see that I have been forgotten here in Colorado. This is good because I'll never get out of Mercer. I will serve a mission all my life!

Well we had a super crazy week last week so Elder Condie and I are just taking a nice relaxing P-day. FALSE!!!! There's no such thing as a nice relaxing P-day! We still have lots of things to do like finish cleaning our apartment and getting ready for our zone meeting on Wednesday, not to mention be ready for Elder Searle to come on exchanges with us!

Anyways last week was crazy as I mentioned in the email I sent Wednesday and earlier. Monday was the hanging lake ordeal, Tuesday we did exchanges, Wednesday we had interviews with President Murdock and then drove to Craig to do some work up there, I'll be telling a few miracle stories, because it was an AMAZING day up there. Wednesday night we had to drive down to Rifle where we spent the night with Elder Gibson and Elder Barfield, then MLC's the next day in Glenwood. Friday we went to Rangeley. And then Finally! Saturday and Sunday we had two somewhat normal days here in Meeker.

So first off let me tell you about some of our Craig miracles. We went to see some investigators, and we decided to park down the street giving us a chance to OYM some people. We parked next to a house and prayed for an opportunity to share the gospel with someone. As we got out of the car someone pulled up to the house where we had parked. Perfect! So we went and talked to her, she let us into her home and we taught her and her son the Restoration. It was such a powerful lesson, the spirit was incredibly strong and she accepted a baptismal invite. Later that night we went to see Los Pando a family that we'd met and taught a few weeks earlier. As we picked up where we'd left off in the Restoration, the thought came to me, oh no we don't have a Spanish book of Mormon to give them! as we'd already given away the copies we had with us. The thought came to me "Give them yours, and write your testimony in it." So I did as Elder Condie would teach I would take a minute to write my testimony on the first page. When we finished the lesson and testified of the book of Mormon I gave them my copy. At first they insisted that they couldn't take my copy, after explaining that I wanted them to and had written something just for them, they humbly accepted it and promised to read. Bernardo, the husband was so excited to have his own copy and was asking us about church what time it is and everything!

Well I'm going to wrap up there, I could never even begin to write all the miracles we see in a week. I know that our Father in Heaven is a God of Miracles, I know that this is his work and that he is hastening it. I know that this is his true church once again restored onto the earth!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rojo

Sister's Hiking Accident

November 13

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 76

Pues perdoname que mando el correo muy tarde, pero es que el Lunes las bibliptecas ya estaban cerradas por el dia de los "Veterans" y ayer estabamos demasiado occupados para hacer el e-mail. Tengo una historia para contarles y tambien hicimos los intercambios ayer. Hay mucho que hacer! Hoy tenemos las entrevistas con el Presidente Murdock, y vamos a Craig porque tenemos citas. Despues vamos a Rifle para pasar la noche con Elder Gibson y Elder Barfield porque tenemos los MLC's manana. Oh no les dije pero Elder Barfield mi hijo ya tambien es un lider de zona! Y sirve en mi antiguo area! Pues no tengo mucho tiempo hasta que llega Presidente entonces a las historias!

Well forgive you control the mail very late, but Monday is that libraries were already closed for the day of the "Veterans" and yesterday we were too squatted to the e-mail. I have a story to tell and we also trade yesterday. Lots to do! Today we have interviews with President Murdock and Craig because we're going to appointments. After going to Rifle for the night with Elder and Elder Gibson Barfield because we have MLC's morning. Oh but I did not tell my trainee is already Elder Barfield is also a district leader! And served in my old area! Well, I have not much time until then President comes to stories!

Ok so first off my new companion is Elder Condie! I sent you a picture of the two of us drinking from the spigot at hanging lake a couple months ago, and I'll send more pictures next week when I have time. So interestingly enough we hiked hanging lake again this Monday. We knew that we were heading down to Rifle to buy groceries anyways so when other missionaries texted us about hanging lake we decided to go. our whole district came too! The Rangeley Elders and the Sisters here in Meeker, two of whom are from Fiji. IT was a beautiful hike as always and a lot of fun. However closer to the end of the trail up the canyon where there's little sunlight it was a little slick. I just kicked footholds for myself and kept going with a few other Elders who were all racing up to the top. It was beautiful up top and we had a great time and took lots of pictures! on the way down however we had a slight mishap. When we reached the super slippery part some people started falling. So an Elder Pikula (amazing elder love him! more later) started helping people down one of the slick sections. We were about half an hour behind schedule and hoping to finish early enough. Well that didn't happen. Sister Keavali, on of the Fijians here in Meeker slipped and hurt her ankle. We got her down to the flat and I quickly took a look, I pulled out my ankle brace which I'd wisely brought. Then she told me that her quad hurt. ... ... Ooooookkkkaaaayyyy?.... ... somehoiw she hurt her ankle and her quad? then her calf hurt her. Ok so it's her knee that's hurt then. I checked it quickly (Thanks for paying for those first aid classes mom and dad!) I didn't feel anything seriously wrong so I said, "We'll get some snow on it tie it up and then get her off the mountain. Annnnnnnd that's when she started hyperventilating and went into shock. So, we tried our best to calm everyone down and just carry her down the mountain, we sent a few runners ahead to get the rest of the Elders. It was tough carrying her down because the trail was still pretty slick for quite awhile. luckily we ran in to a group of nurses who were hiking up and they helped us out. We made it about half way down when some Paramedics came up. We stayed and then helped them carry her down on a stretcher. long story short we took another three hours to get down and were back to our area very late. She's ok though just a strained muscle and she should be fine.

But I gotta go we've got interviews! I love you all and quick question mom and dad when you get home could you scan and email me my call letter I need it to renew my license.

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rojo 

Member referral

November 4

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 75

Pues Buenos d-d-dias! Hace un popco de frio aqui hoy! No tanto como en Canada, pero sufficiente que llevo mi Chaqueta!  Nos pone un poco nervioso porque manana son las transferencias y si sigue nevando va ser dificil para manejar a Rifle por la reunion. Pues oramos que las carreteras esten bien y todos los que cambian pueden llegar con bien!

For Buenos d-d-day! It's a little cold here today! Not as much as in Canada, but enough to wear my jacket! We were a little nervous because tomorrow is still snowing and if transfers will be difficult to manage Rifle by the union. Then pray that the roads are well and all that change can come with either!

So as I mentioned tomorrow is transfer day! I'm a little sad because Elder Merrill and Elder Khaky-Kazzazy are both leaving... =( But at least I'm not leaving! I was scared of that, We're opening two new zones and three other Zone Leaders got released, so there's a ton of movement going on. I think almost every zone leader companionship is having a change. I was scared, but luckily I get to stay here in Meeker because I absolutely love it here! I'm excited to keep working with all of the people here which leads me into a few awesome stories from the week!

So on Tuesday Elder Merrill had a really bad fever, thus we had to stay in the apartment. I don't think there's anything worse than staying in your apartment on the mission. It's just absolutely miserable because you want to go do missionary work, and you feel disobedient just sitting around. Not to mention you get BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!!!! But anyways Wednesday morning right before we left the apartment, we got a call from Brother Murray. Ok I haven't told you all about him yet, but Brother Murray is amazing he's one of the two members in the ward who speak Spanish, and he's an amazing member missionary! So he called and told us that he wants us to meet Tony's friend Joe. Well ofcourse we'd love to meet him! So that night we went with Brother Murray and Tony to meet Joe. HE IS SO AWESOME!!!!! He's a really intelligent really open young man who's just amazing he was asking amazing questions and has amazing answers to questions that we ask him. I'm also pretty excited because we're goin to go play basketball with him today, he plays on the high school team and the coach. (who's a Less Active) is going to let us play!

Another amazing miracle was just last night. We were teaching our investigator Kimii who's been on date before but never came to church and was struggling a little bit with keeping commitments. We went and were teaching her. It was such an amazing lesson! The spirit was there so strongly and man it was phenomenal! As we started she told us about how she wants to change her life and dedicate herself more to God. So as we taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she became so excited to come to church, and to read her scriptures everyday! She knows it will bless her and she's so fired up for her baptismal date on the 30th!

Alright well I don't have much time, but I love you all. I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. I know that he is at the head of this church and that thtough him all that is unfair about life will be made right if we will follow him.

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rojo 

Visit from Elder Baxter of the Seventy

October 28

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 74 

Pues que loco que ya estamos en la ultima semana del cambio! Me siento que acabo de llegar a Meeker. Estoy un poco nervioso, pero no voy a pensar en esto nada mas.

Well, we're already crazy in the last week of change! I feel like I just got here to Meeker. I'm a little nervous, but I'm not going to think about it any more.

Well last week was amazing! It was such a privilege to have a seventy come and teach us! I remember back to when Elder Robbyns came to the mission, and Elder Bednar, all of them have been so different, but exactly what I've needed at the time! It was amazing when he trained us, he stood at the front and asked us what we wanted to learn, he took all of the things missionaries asked about and wrote them on the board. Then he started going through them one by one teaching us how to find better, how to better involve members in our missionary work, how to help those we teach keep commitments. It was an amazing experience! It was also hilarious because he's from Scotland so he was constantly making fun of America! He said that they'd destroyed his language and it was just a blast! 

It was really funny at the beginning of the meeting when He and Sister Baxter shook everyone's hands. All of the Sisters were giving Sister Baxter hugs. Elder Merrill, Khaky-Kazzazy and I were sitting next to Elder Gibson and Elder Stephens. I turned to Elder Stephens and said. "All the Sisters are hugging, I'm giving Elder Baxter a hug!" Elder Gibson replied, "No Elder Redd don't do that!" I turned to him and with my little mischievous excited grin that he's so used to nodded my head vigorously and said, "I'm gonna do it!" So when we got up there I said, "Sorry Elder Baxter I'm a hugger!" I gave him a big hug and everyone started laughing. He then said to me, "Since you hugged me I now know everything about you." Well that's a scary thought! 

It was a great week overall but I've got other things that I need to take care of, I lvoe you all and hope you have a great week! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Rojo

Sick Companion

October 21, 2013

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 73

Pues han recibido correos largos por dos semanas. Y esta semana no les voy a dar cuneta larga como las de las semanas pasadas. Espereo que este cae bien con ustedes y si no les gusta lo voy a hacer de todos modos.

Long as they have received emails for two weeks. And this week I will not give them as long ditch in the past weeks. Espereo this falls well with you and if you do not like what I do anyway.

So This week was a bit of a bummer. Elder Khaky-Kazzazy was really sick. So we had to stay in the apartment a lot. But when we did go out we got to see some amazing things! Probably the most amazing of all of these was on Thursday night. Now as you read this story wait until I finish it before you freak out. So Thursday night we were up till midnight helping Elder K. I was super tired that night because it had been a long day. But for some weird reason I could not fall asleep! Then we heard a knock at our door. Ok small town, no one's ever out past 8. And someone's knocking on our door. Well we answered it to man named Drew. He asked us if we were the missionaries. We told him we were. He told us about how he just found out he has cancer and he needs to turn his life around. We talked with him for about 15 minutes and prayed with him. Afterwards he went and dumped his bottle of alcohol out into a gutter. It was super awesome! Super sketchy but an amazing experience!

Well I'm super busy today but I will also send some pictures today!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rojo 

Raul to the Rescue

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 72 October 13, 2013

Yo veo como esta. Me piden me molestan tanto para escribir mas. Escribo el email las largo que he mandado por meses... Y nadie me mandan nada de atras! Que pasa con este ah? no me quieren? Me han olvidado aqui en Colorado? Jajaja yo se que no esta asi, solo queria decir algo differente en espanol, y ni sabia que decirles! Les quiero!

I see it like this. I ask both annoy me to write more. I write the email that I sent along for months ... And no one sent me anything back! What about this ah? I do not want? I have forgotten here in Colorado? Hahaha I know that is not so, just wanted to say something differente in Spanish, and not wise to tell them! I love them!

Alright so we had an awesome week last week! It was just fantastic, super busy but just a phenomenal week! It was filled with many miracles which I will write more on later!

First off thank you so much to Sister, for helping me with all of the crazy stuff I've had to deal with. I do greatly appreciate your help.

So one of my favourite events of the week was our zone training meeting. Most of the missionaries there have been in a zone with me for at least a transfer, and I think word is starting to spread about the crazy trainings I give. I just really feel like in a three hour meeting where we talk about all of these things someone needs to liven things up and be the comic relief. So that's me. Whenever I train I just get all crazy, I just get so excited about the things I'm training on! And start talking super fast! I always have to slow down and breath for a minute before I hyperventilate. It's crazy and they laugh, but I hope that they take something from it and remember the overall arching message that I try to deliver to them. I also really liked it because I got to train on something different. I've given five trainings on finding in the last 2 transfers. I love finding and I love to help other missionaries love it, but I was getting a little fed up. So this time I got to train on lighting ourselves on fire! No we didn't use matches or set fire to the church I'm talking about spiritual and emotional fire! Being so excited and fired up about missionarry work that we don't get tired or sad because we don't have time. When we truly engage ourselves in the work nothing else matters because we love the Lord and we're in his work so why should we care if people reject us or swear at us or throw rocks at us, because they need this!

Yeah I'm excited about it right now! I just love being a missionary, I love to run up and talk to people about this amazing message! Because it is so amazing, and they need it!

Anyways I'll settle down now and finish my email.
So a few of the awesome miracles we had. First off a super spiritual experience that is kinda funny. So we went to see our Investigator Raul, he's an amazing man. We went and he was working in his backyard, building a shed. He had a friend there who was just hammered. Usually I try to avoid talking to drunk people because they can't feel the spirit and they usually just end up getting aggressive. So we helped him finish up what Raul was doing so we could go inside and have a lesson. Unfortunately the drunk guy came in to. He started bashing, telling us all about how our church is wrong and telling us what we believe. Most of what he said wasn't true at all. I wasn't saying much, I really don't like bashing. Then he quoted John 3:16 and said that's all we need because we are saved by Christ’s grace. The spirit came to me super strong, and it said, "No he's wrong. Tell him that." So I flipped over to John 3:5, and explained that we needed to be baptized. He said that he didn't really believe that scripture. We told him that you can't just discredit scripture because you don't like it. He stood up and I thought he was about to hit one of my companions. I pushed my scriptures to the side incase I needed to get up and intervene. He went off on all these weird examples proving that we don't need to be baptized. I've never felt the spirit guide my words like that I spoke super boldly with him and just linked scriptures in ways that I've never linked them before. It was 100% by the spririt, 200% even (jaja The district reference) I wasn't speaking when I said those things. That was the Holy Ghost! Raul actually came to our defense and told him in his broken English. "These guys come from God. They are my friends. you don't tell them to leave, because they come here and they help me!" It was such an amazing experience!
There were just so many miracles, we found so many prepared people. I know that the Lord is blessing us for all of our hard work!

I know that this church is true and the Jesus Christ is our Saviour! He has put us on the earth at this time to perform his work!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rojo

Great Conference, Eh?

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo: Capitulo 71 October 6, 2013

Aye cabere! como pasa el tiempo! a mi me parece que esta semana no se occurio! me siento que estaba aqui hace dos minutos mandando el e-mail!

Cabere Aye! as time passes! seems to me that this week is not OCCURRED! I feel that I was here two minutes ago sending the e-mail!

Alright so this week was awesome! what a great conference eh? You'll notice that I have my eh back. That's because I have a Canadian companion now, for the first time in the mission! No, I didn't get transferred and no, Elder Merrill didn't get transferred. We're still serving together and loving every minute of it! The catch is we're also now training a new missionary! Want to know the best part? He speaks absolutely no Spanish! He wasn't called but President is changing his call to be a Spanish missionary. His name's Elder Khaky-Kazzazy, and he's from Toronto. I would include a picture of the three of us, but no time so that'll come next week! But it's awesome!!! I love it so much!! he's a great missionary and learning really quick. Probably the best thing about him is that he has no fear to open his mouth. Both of my other new missionaries that I trained, I had to push a little, but he just talks to everyone even the Spanish people who don't understand him at all!

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I LOVED CONFERENCE SO MUCH!!!!!! That was amazing we spent the whole week telling everyone about the special experience of hearing the voice of a prophet! It was amazing and a lot of people were interested in the concept. Regrettably only about 20% of the people who said they would come, came to church, but that's ok we'll get them next week. And in no way do I mean that in a scary kind of context. It's just that we have the most important, most beautiful message in the whole earth! And everyone needs to hear it and even if they don't want to, we need to try to help them realize and understand all the doctrines of the Gospel!

Ok so I'll give you a quick rundown of the week. Tuesday we went to Rangely, worked there and did our exchanges with the Elders there. I went with Elder Jordan and Elder Mayne-two great missionaries- one getting close to the end who I really love and I can learn so much from, and a greenie who wants to be here, and be a great missionary so bad! We had an amazing day to super productive with some just POWERFUL lessons! we set two of their investigators on date it was awesome! Then Elder Merrill picked me up Wednesday and we drove to Rifle to meet with our Stake President. Then spent the night with Elder Stephens and Elder Gibson, (oh yeah I never mentioned that my last two companions are now serving together in my last area!). Also another thing I never mentioned. remember dad how you told me I had a distant cousin coming to the mission Sister Remington? yeah I was her zone leader for two transfers. totally forgot about that until now!  Anyways then Thursday we had MLC's in Glenwood amazing day then we picked up Elder Khaky-Kazzazy and came back to Meeker... IN A BLIZZARD!!!!! so yeah we got a ton of snow I'll send you pictures next week! then Friday we did exchanges with the Elders in Craig, I went there and had a great day with Elder Drake great missionary! Then conference! It was a super busy week but I loved it so much!!!!!

Ok time for a quick miracle story. On Thursday night we met a man named Nacho, yes it's a nickname. Just at his door we talked to him about prophets and how God had called prophets again on the earth. We told him about conference and invited him to watch it. He said he was working both days so he wouldn't be able to. Good thing they broadcast priesthood session this year! We went by and helped him set it up on his computer so he could watch it in Spanish. Then we said we would come back after and rushed off to watch it with the ward at the church. We came back afterwards with one of the members who speaks Spanish, he opened the door and his computer was still on lds.org "Oh" I thought, "Maybe he actually watched all of it" oooooooh yes he certainly did! We sat down and he started talking about how he'd felt so good watching it and he didn't want it to end, he was asking us questions about the Prophets and how God called them. So we taught him the restoration and set him on date for Oct. 26th. When we invited him he paused for a moment and said, "Will I be ready by then?" testified to him that he could know by then and that we were there to help him every step of the way. Man the spirit almost knocked me out of my chair it was like a Tsunami class wave!! He accepted and then said one of the most heartfelt sincere prayers I've ever heard in my life!

I love this work so much, I absolutely love being a missionary and serving the Lord! I know that this is his true church!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rojo