Elder Redd's favorite scripture

Elder Redd's favorite missionary scripture

Alma 26:11-12
But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength,
nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with
joy, and I will rejoice in my God.
Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak;
therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his
strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought
in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Mi Tercero Email

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo Capitulo 3

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Well it has been a pretty good week at the MTC, I'm tired, but i've excepted that I'm just going to be tired for the next two years and I'm starting to adjust. First off thankyou for sending letters it really helps you stay sane here when you get letters. Elena wins the prize this week because she sent me the most so when I get to Denver remind me Elena and I'll send you something Denverian. Thanks Em it was really fun to read about the boys and how their doing. Madre y padre estoy agradecio que ustedes gusta sus Vacacion.
So this week our oldest district left us for Chile, I'm gonna miss those guys, especially elder's Gill, Hughes, Crossman, and Barnes. Our ZL's were in that district so we also got some new ones Elder Case and Elder Hunt. Dad you asked why I loved my District and my Zone so much, it all started on our first week when I was so lost and felt so weird, I was still super excited and I was loving it but as the only Canadian it was a little weird. They've all been so welcoming and so nice. I'm firmly convinced that we have the most loving zone in the whole MTC.

So this week I ran into Elder Hudson. Actually that's inaccurate, I tracked him down. I went to the information desk and asked where he was- they couldn't tell me that- they could only tell me when he ate so I figured out what schedule he was on then found what building he was in and found him. It was awesome to see Spencer and talk for awhile. I passed on the knowledge I've gained in my short time here. I've also ran into Elder Steele several times, and I ran into Graham Johnson the day before he left, so its been nice just to see people from home.

In answer to the questions I've received about the food, no I haven't found anything else I like to eat because it's all either unhealthy or really doesn't agree with me. So my meal plan has stayed pretty much the same: skim milk, a banana, and bagel for breakfast and wraps for salads for dinner and sometimes soup.

And Elena so you can stop hounding me. I can't actually send pictures from the MTC I've taken a fair amount but you'll have to wait until I get to Denver to see them.

And on to my stories for the week

This week was our first TRC where we teach a lesson to members, it was so much nicer than all the other teaching we do because they take pity on us and speak in english when We're totally lost and they help us with our Spanish instead of saying "que?" whenever we say something wrong. But that was really enjoyable, we also had a great fireside from Elder Lynn Robbins of the Seventy he talked about what we should take to the field with us from the MTC. he said that we should be "Oros" or golden ones filled with as Janine Called it "Greenie fire" who are so excited to do the work. I'm starting to realize just how excited I am to go to the field I love the MTC even though its super hard, but when I get out to the field and get to start street contacting and all that. Soy muy animado! Another quick reason that I love our Zone so much. Whenever someone from our zone leaves the MTC whether for medical reasons (Which has actually happened twice already) or to go to their mission's we sing "Hasta Ver" or “God be with you till we meet again” although its way better in Spanish. We sang it last sunday for our departing district and everyone in the zone actually got really emotional, but it was also a great testament to the truth of what we're doing here. When we're doing the Lord’s work it really brings us closer together. I'd only known those elders for a week and a half and it was almost as sad as when I parted with my friends last year.

Well i'm running out of time. We don't have much here so I'll conclude. I love you all and keep sending letters. I love hearing from you. 

Hasta Ver, 
Elder Rojo

(Sorry we didn't get these posted earlier. We just got home Monday and have been jet lagged. We didn't have internet access in our hotel room for the last four nights of our trip)

Mi Segundo Email

Las Venturas de Elder Rojo. part II
Hola todos personas en el Mundo normal
So apparently dad you didnt get my first email hopefully you get this one and mom got my first one if you get this please send me a dearelder ASAP so I can know which addresses to send my emails to. If you don't get this then I'll send you a letter and then you'll have to respond and let me know what to email back.
So friday is my regular p-day last week was different because it was our first week, but from here on out you'll get emails from your favourite son on fridays, assuming ofcourse that you do actually receive them.
Alright now that that's squared away Thankyou Aunt Linda and Uncle Dave for the dearelder. As for the rest of you... I don't know what to say you really dropped the ball there. Let me put it simply, in my district every elder and Hermana gets about four letters plus a package every day. And I get nothing... 
Ok so a piece of advice to Spencer (If he's reading this) and Jesse, Braden, Marc or anyone else who is leaving on a mission or putting their papers in soon. Set a plan in place now to get lots of letters send yourself some the day before you leave in regular mail, tell everybody you know about dearelder, buy out an add on the radio. Because in the MTC you want letters a lot.
Well enough ranting about mail. I'm doing well in the MTC I've lost weight (contrary to everyone else here) the food is ok I'm starting to get sick of the wraps and salad. But I'll continue to eat it because I am not going near the casseroles or enchiladas... EVER.
On a much happier note on tuesday we had Elder Per G. Malm of the seventy give us a devotional, and it was amazing. He talked about returning with honour and i realized that the phrase means moe than just returning home worthily. It means on the plane home you are completely satisfied because for those two years you served the Lord with all your heart might mind and strength. It means that on the plane home you pass out because you have nothing left to give because you gave everything you the lord for two years. I've commited that when I come home I will return with honour, so don't expect me to be super chatty when I get home I'll probably be half concious at best.
To anyone who will be entering the MTC or is putting there papers in. Devote your time to studying, whether a language preach my gospel or the scriptures make sure you are studying and are feeling the spirit and working hard regularly otherwise you will not be ready for the MTC the spirit is so strong here and it literally exhausts you. If you're not used to studying something everyday you will not accomplish what you are in the MTC for. And memorize the missionary purpose, don't just memorize the words study it and memorize the meaning of the purpose, because if you don't know your purpose you will not be near as succesful a missionary as you could be.
So you've heard about me let me ask what's happening with my family and friends 
Mom and Dad how's London?
Elena how's the quest going?
How are all the ibbi's doing?
Jesse and Marc when you get your calls, to where will you be going?
Well my alloted time is up so I'll close. I love you all family and friends. don't forget top send me a dearelder if you did get this so I know that my emails are getting to you if not well you should get a letter in a few weeks.
Love form Elder Rojo

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mi Primero Email!!

Los Venturas de Elder Rojo
Hola Familia y Amigos!!
You'll be pleases to hear that I'm doing well in the MTC o CCM en espanol (just keep in mind that that is the weird spanish N with the accent) and I am loving it so far!! On Wednesday, so my very first day in the MTC we went to our classroom and met our teacher she said "Hola Como Estas?" so I decided to show that I'd already taken Spanish so I replied in Spanish. So I was feeling pretty good about myself. Since that first day our Spanish teacher has said zero words in English to us. Its really hard but I'm picking up the language much faster than I'd thought.
Honestly I don't know why people say the MTC is like a prison I love this place! Given I've only been here for 3.5 days so my judgement may be slighlty skewed. I could see how it could get annoying by week 7 or so but right now I'm loving it. The food is actually really good you just have to get the right stuff. I've been eating mostly salads and wraps so pretty healthy, and they taste really really good. So mom you'll be pleased to hear that I'm eating very healthy and I excercise every day. I've played Basketballl everyday so far and there are some good players here! Though I'm not getting dominated as I thought I would, maybe I'm a better basketball player than I thought.
Well dad, I don't remember all your questions and I didnt bring your letter with me to the laundry room where we do our laundry but I'll try my best to answer the ones that I can remember. So our district is ten missionaries (?) 6 Elders: me, my companion elder Rollins, Our DL elder Prochnow and his Comp Elder Andersen, and then Elder Flygare and Elder Dial. we also have 4 Hermanas: Hermana Carrell y Hermana Davis, and Hermana Sundbloom and Hermana Bennet She's the girl from your ward, Elena and she's actually en mi Districto!! Anyways I love our district, everyone is cool and we all love learning together and feeling the Spirirt. Which reminds me the Spirit is so strong here I love it but it is exhausting. I think I slightly understand what Joseph Smith meant when he said that the Spirit is exhausting. I'm just glad I'm not having visions left right and center because then I wouldnt even be able to write this letter- I'd be collapsed on the ground somewhere for about two months. Anyways our district is one of I think six in our zone and I love our zone as well. Everyone is so nice! They're always coming and asking how our day was? how class went? and how teaching went? Oh yeah we taught our first lesson in Spanish yesterday. Fui Muy muy Dificil!!! If you're too lazy to translate that It was really really hard. But yeah our zone is always giving us advice on how to learn better, on how to teach better, and they're just so nice because they always offer us food and take us under their wings. Our zone leaders are Elder Barnes and Elder Hicken. They are the best.
To answer the last question I remember when I went for my free breakfast at IHOP I got the Colorado Omelette, I thought that would be appropriate and it was really good- lots of meat.
Ok running out of time so I'm quickly gonna say I love the MTC and I love my companion. Elder Rollins is a lot like me so we're getting along smashingly.
And also let me ask anyone who reads my blog please send me letters. You would not believe how awesome it is and how much Prestige comes with getting letters haha. You can just send me a dear elder it doesn't even need to say anything just send me dear elders. Also if you're reading the blog please tell other people to read it so they can write me too.
Con Mucho Amor
Elder Redd

(Last night, Karyn and I were a little disappointed that we still hadn't heard from Peter-thought maybe his P-day was Wednesday and when we were going to bed in UK his p-day wasn't over yet in Utah. This morning, I realized this email came Saturday. Sorry to everyone who's been waiting)